farrah fawcett andy warhol

Ryan O’Neal Shops Warhol’s Portrait of Farrah Fawcett for $18M

Ryan O’Neal is again in the limelight because of his recent shopping of the famous portrait of his ex-wife Farrah Fawcett for $18 million. The portrait was painted by Andy Warhol.

The portrait has also been at the center of controversy between O’Neal and the University of Texas who claimed that Fawcett gifted it to the school by herself. In 2013, a court ruled O’Neal could keep the painting.

The painting was valued by experts to be worth around $12 million at the time of the dispute. O’Neal is shopping it for $18 million, after originally asking $20 million.

The painting was painted in 1980 by Warhol.

Soup Cans and Celebrities

Warhol is most famously known for his screen printed images of soup cans and celebrities like Marilyn Monroe. Pop art and Warhol went hand in hand. You could not mention pop art without bringing up Andy Warhol and his works.

Celebrity Works

Warhol was known for creating portraits of celebrities. Those include Mick Jagger, Elvis, Elizabeth Taylor, Queen Elizabeth and Keith Haring.