1 Pop Shop III – Keith Haring

Title: 1 Pop Shop III
Year: 1989
Medium: Silkscreen
Size: 13 × 16 in (33.02 x 40.64 cm)
Edition: 200


Known for his public art painted in the New York City subways, Keith work would would lean more towards Pop art than Street Art. Or they could best be described as Pop Art on the street.It was at this time that his work “The Radiant Baby” became symbolic of the artist. This series (POP SHOP III) of pieces incorporates four silkscreen prints that were created by Keith Haring in the year 1989. Keith, as an artist, is well known for his preference for primary colors and the restricted utilization of black and white. During the era that this art was created, the subject of sexual preference was under intense pressure, but Keith was an open gay who never hides from society. The art revolves around the themes of sex, war, and the stages of life that people should undergo. These prints by Keith Haring are each available in editions of 200.