Flexible – Jean-Michel Basquiat

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Artist: Jean-Michel Basquiat
Title: Flexible
Medium: 24-Color Screenprint
Size: 60.25″ X 45.5″ inches (152.9 x 115.6 cm)
Edition of 85

Signed and Numbered by the Basquiat Estate


A prominent artist in 1980s New York, Jean-Michel Basquiat made a name for himself with his graffiti-style art—most notably with his trademark skulls and masks designs. The young artist drew inspiration from various sources which were close to him, including his Haitian and Puerto Rican heritage, contemporary political issues, religion, and pop cultural trends.

Flexible is Jean-Michel Basquiat’s 1984 art created on the reverse, oil stick, and acrylic on wood. It measures 45.5 X 60.25″in (153 × 115.6 cm), and it is largely covered by an abstract figure with a human figure, but with long flexible arms. Moreover, the artist seems to demonstrate the anatomy of humans, since images of the inner parts, such as the lungs, brain, eye sockets, bones, and many other aspects are presented. The artist seems to dissect the human body in the image and describe to the audience what is going on in the human body. As earlier demonstrated, Basquiat’s obsession with anatomy is exhibited in this artwork. His interest is drawn from history when he was given a book on anatomy by his mother at the age of seven. Ever since he has focused his work on some of the aspects that influence his early life. It is unclear whether this work has a political implication, but what is evident is anatomy, which is a signature feature in most of his artwork.
This was one of the most expensive paintings sold in an auction in New York, and therefore, this makes it a great piece to invest in. It is not only unique but also examines the anatomy, which was one of Basquiat’s interests. The medium at which the artwork was created is also unique, and unconventional, and therefore, serving it as a distinct kind of art. It is for such reasons that the work was auctioned at a very high price.

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