Femur, from Anatomy Series – Jean-Michel Basquiat

Title: Femur, from Anatomy Series
Year: 1982
Medium Type: Screenprint on 88 Arches Paper
Size: 76.2 x 56.5 CM
18 Signed and Numbered


At the age of 8 while playing basketball on the street Jean-Michel Basquiat was hit by a car which left him with a broken arm and internal injuries so severe his spleen had to be removed.
While he recovered his mother gave him a copy of Grey’s Anatomy, he memorized the whole book: tibia, femur, aorta, oral cavity and so on.

His obsession with human anatomy became the foundation and inspiration for his Anatomy Series, 1982 of which 18 signed and numbered screenprints were released. He loved discovering the interior architecture of his body and was intrigued by the way the body could be reduced to clean lines.