Cabeza – Estate – 3 – Jean-Michel Basquiat

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Artist:Jean-Michel Basquiat
Year: 1982
Medium: Screen Print on Lenox Museum Board
Size: 40″ X 50″ in
Edition of 85
Additional Information: Signed


A prominent artist in 1980s New York, Jean-Michel Basquiat made a name for himself with his graffiti-style art—most notably with his trademark skulls and masks designs. The young artist drew inspiration from various sources which were close to him, including his Haitian and Puerto Rican heritage, contemporary political issues, religion, and pop cultural trends.

Cabeza is the third artwork of Jean-Michel Basquiat in the Estate portfolio series. It was created in 1982 and it measures 40 X 50″ in on the Lenox museum board. The screenprint can be attributed to Basquiat’s obsession with Anatomy. As demonstrated, the artist’s interest in anatomy was sparked after learning more about the human body through the book Gray’s Anatomy, which was gifted by his mother when he was only seven years old. There is one dominant figure in the screen print, which is a representation of the human body, from the waist upwards. Basquiat dissects the human body in part to reveal the inner parts. For instance, from the abdomen, he demonstrates the human digestive system, and the audience can clearly see the intestines as they coil in the belly. One part of the chest represents the human rib cage, which protects the upper body, which comprises of the lungs, heart, and many other organs, from external injuries. The head of the figure has an exposed skull, which leads the audience to learn more about the systems in the human body.
Though this is not a comprehensive work of anatomy, it makes the screen print an interesting piece of art, which everyone should have. It is not only unconventional but exceptionally created to achieve its abstract nature. There will be no regrets in purchasing such works since I believe are worth a fortune. This is a screen print that rivals every other, because of its unconventional aspects incorporated, and therefore, making it a good investment.

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