Welcome to Hell (Signed) – Banksy

Title: Welcome to Hell (Signed)
Year: 2004
Medium: Screen print on paper
Size: 50 x 35 cm
Edition of 75

Signed and Numbered by the Artist
Pest Control Certificate Included

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Rats are one of Banksy’s most prolific subjects, and the Placard Rats series are highly desirable and popular Banksy artworks. These three works first appeared as a trilogy in 2004 with 75 signed screenprints and 175 unsigned screenprints each, with red and pink colorways. Banksy has reproduced variations of each of the Placard Rat prints as graffiti art in the streets, and urban art lovers all over the world have imprinted the image on coffee mugs, t-shirts, posters, and their bodies.

In addition to his iconic murals, the elusive urban artist has also released prints in a number of formats. His talent and mysterious identity has made the popularity of his pieces soar and, consequently, they are in incredibly high demand in the art world. Explore the Banksy original art we have for sale here at ArtLife.