No Ball Games – Banksy


Title: No Ball Games Signed (Green)
Year: 2009
Medium: Screenprint in Colors
Size: 27 1/2 × 26 1/2 in (69.9 × 67.3 cm)
Edition of 250
Signed with Pest Control COA

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An enigma in every sense of the word, Banksy is perhaps the most controversial and thrilling street artist on the scene, and over two decades into his career, he still remains anonymous. His art is known for breaking boundaries, conveying satirical, pictorial messages, and highlighting themes of philosophy, art, sociology, politics, humor and even narcissism. You can find his groundbreaking work on streets across the world, including the walls of London, New York and the Gaza Strip.

No Ball Games is considered to be one of Banksy’s masterpieces. The painting illustrates two children, a boy and a girl in a playful pose, they are looking up in anticipation of something, probably a ball, but in this case, there is a ‘no-ball sign’ which the children seem to capture. This is one thing that raises the curiosity of the audience, in the sense that it brings to question the intention of the artist in exhibiting such an image. It is believed that this painting is representative of Banksy’s rebellious and rule-breaking character. It is also a means to demonstrate the manner in which the “nanny state” is controlling its people. Banksy is using children to depict an element of innocence, a sense of freedom, and purity. All these are aimed at criticizing the authorities. Originally, the artwork appeared as a mural in one of the streets of Tottenham. In as much as the painting was meant to criticize the ‘nanny state’ and also provide a social commentary on the same, it demonstrates a happy mood, especially with the depiction of children jumping up and downplaying with what is supposed to be a ball.

In addition to his iconic murals, the elusive urban artist has also released prints in a number of formats. His talent and mysterious identity has made the popularity of his pieces soar and, consequently, they are in incredibly high demand in the art world. Explore the Banksy original art we have for sale here at ArtLife.


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