Morons (White), (Unsigned) – Banksy

Title: Morons (White), (Unsigned)
Year: 2007
Medium: Screen Print on paper
Size: 56 x 76cm (22 × 29 9/10 Inches)
Edition of 500

Pest Control Certificate Included

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This largely monochromatic screen print in Banksy’s signature style portrays an auction room full of people in suits bidding for a number of artworks, including one in a gold frame (the only color in the image) that reads, ‘I can’t believe you morons actually buy this shit’. This artwork first appeared on Banksy’s website following a record-breaking auction result for one of his canvases. It was released as an unsigned edition in white and gold at the artist’s exhibition Barely Legal in LA in 2006 – Morons (LA Edition).  Morons is an example of Banksy’s unapologetic critiques on the extraordinarily high prices of his, and many other artists’ artworks pointing a mocking finger at their buyers.

Banksy’s relationship with the art market is notoriously controversial, which is precisely why he is so successful. The artist has expressed similarly critical opinions of the art world’s commercialism through public pranks such as the famous incident in 2008 at Sotheby’s auction of Girl With Balloon, which, after the hammer struck down at a record price, ceremoniously shredded itself in front of the audience.