Love Is In The Air (Unsigned) – Banksy

Title: Love is in the air (Unsigned)
Medium: Screen print on paper
Size: 76 x 50 cm
Edition of 500

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An enigma in every sense of the word, Banksy is perhaps the most controversial and thrilling street artist on the scene, and over two decades into his career, he still remains anonymous. His art is known for breaking boundaries, conveying satirical, pictorial messages, and highlighting themes of philosophy, art, sociology, politics, humor and even narcissism. You can find his groundbreaking work on streets across the world, including the walls of London, New York and the Gaza Strip.

Love Is In The Air first appeared as a graffiti art wall stencil in Jerusalem shortly after the West Bank Wall was built, and was first reproduced as a print run on a red background in an edition of 500 the same year. Since then, Banksy has produced several versions of the stencil for unique works on canvas and print runs on various colorways. The Love Is In The Air (2003) print on the red background is the best-known and most sought-after graffiti art example of the work.

In addition to his iconic murals, the elusive urban artist has also released prints in a number of formats. His talent and mysterious identity has made the popularity of his pieces soar and, consequently, they are in incredibly high demand in the art world. Explore the Banksy original art we have for sale here at ArtLife.