Laugh Now (Unsigned) – Banksy

Title: Laugh Now (Unsigned)
Year: 2003
Medium: Screen Print
Size: 70 x 50cm (27 3/5 × 19 7/10 in)
Edition of 600
Numbered by the Artist with Pest Control Certificate.

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Banksy’s Laugh Now is one of the earliest Banksy artworks that became known worldwide and reached a milestone in Urban Art when one of the original artworks sold at auction in 2008 for almost $500,000. Laugh Now, first created in 2002, is an unusual artwork because it was originally commissioned by a nightclub in Brighton instead of appearing on the streets. Since then, Banksy has recreated this iconic piece of art for sale many times, with several versions of the street art piece appearing as prints in the often-forgotten Existencilism exhibition of 2002, Banksy’s first solo show in Los Angeles. Laugh Now is a popular Banksy artwork and the artist has since used the monkey as a common character symbol in his graffiti art.

Laugh Now depicts a monkey standing upright. His shoulders are sloped and his face is drawn; although the eyes are in shadow, his expression shows that he feels downtrodden and ashamed. He wears a sandwich board with text that reads, defiantly, “Laugh now, but one day we’ll be in charge.”

In addition to his iconic murals, the elusive urban artist has also released prints in a number of formats. His talent and mysterious identity has made the popularity of his pieces soar and, consequently, they are in incredibly high demand in the art world. Explore the Banksy original art we have for sale here at ArtLife.