Silver Flag (Unsigned) – Banksy

Title: Silver Flag (Unsigned)
Year: 2006
Medium: Screen Print on paper
Size: 50 x 70cm
Edition of 1000

With Pest Control Certificate

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Banksy’s Flag print was released in two colors (gold and silver) and directly references the infamous photo of U.S. Soldiers raising the American flag after capturing the island of Iwo Jima on Mount Suribachi on February 9th, 1945. The famous photograph would win a Pulitzer Prize and later be used by artist, Felix de Wildon to create a life-sized sculptural installation for the Marine Corps Memorial in 1954.

Banksy is no stranger to commenting on war and occupation through his art. In this re-imagination, we do not see soldiers, but a group of disenfranchised urban youth, standing victoriously over a dilapidated automobile. The image infers a takeover or perhaps reclamation of a dystopian, urban sprawl landscape by children in what would appear to be a world without adults.