Christ With Shopping Bags (Signed) – Banksy

Title: Christ With Shopping Bags (Signed)
Year: 2004
Medium: Screen print on paper
Size: 70 × 50cm
Edition of 82

Signed in  Numbered in pencil by the Artist
Pest Control Certificate Included


Banksy’s Christ with Shopping Bags was produced in 2004 as a limited edition screen print of 82 signed pieces. Although it is a highly perceptive commentary-style artwork, it has never been reproduced outside of commissioned paintings, and therefore remains a rare and iconic Banksy work on paper. In the artwork Christ With Shopping Bags, Christ is being crucified, and his pain is not lessened by the weight of his shopping bags.

Christ with Shopping Bags is a satire on values, perception, and the transformation of the Christmas holiday. Up until the 20th century, Christmas observed the birth of Jesus Christ, the cornerstone figure for the religion. Apart from a special sermon and dinner ritual, Christmas was a day of rest and reflection and not be preoccupied with the material things in life. In modern times, Christmas has become symbolic of rampant consumerism. Ostentatious gifts and revelry are highly valued during this holiday, even at the expense of debt and gluttony. Christ with Shopping Bags is as awkward of an assemblage as the blatant clash of ideals in Christmases past and present. All parts of the image appear to be melting, reminding us that both material goods and the joy that is derived from them do not last.