Choose Your Weapon ‘Queue Jumper Grey’ (Signed) – Banksy

Title: Choose Your Weapon ‘Queue Jumper Grey’

Year: 2010

Edition of 58

Size: 70 x 70 cm

Signed and Numbered

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Banksy’s ‘Choose Your Weapon’ first appeared in London in the Southwark District.

It is a take on the disaffected youth of Britain. The dog, which pays tribute to Keith Haring’s ‘Barking Dog’, is a man’s best friend and in this case, it acts as the man’s weapon. For Banksy, his weapon is his street art.

The prints comes in 19 different colours. When POW gallery released the prints, many fans who had been queuing in the cold were pushed out the way by carloads of chancers hoping to get prints to sell online. In response Banksy and POW produced a special queue jumpers edition in Grey for those who missed out.