Ohh…Alright-Space Invader

Title: Ohh…Alright
Year: 2011
Medium: Screenprint with embossing printed in colors
Size: 22 4/5 × 23 1/10 in (58 × 58.7 cm)
Edition of 150

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Keeping in theme with his influence of video game pixilation in his artwork, Space Invader has his face pixelated out when he gives an interview. He has claimed his parents believe he works as a tiler in the construction industry, a significant statement as most of his artwork is composed of ceramic tiles.

Space Invader creations are available to see in 33 countries and over 65 cities in highly visible locations. He has published books and maps in his wake, documenting where he has travelled, so those wishing to can visit the mosaics he has created.