No Reply (Portfolio of 10) – KAWS

Artist: KAWS
Title: No Reply (Portfolio of 10)
Year: 2015
Medium: Set of 10 Silkscreens +1 Cover Sheet
Size: 35 × 23” in (35 X 23 Inches Each)
Edition of 100 + 20AP

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KAWS is a diverse artist taking over the world of art and design in his prolific body of work that ranges from paintings, murals, and large-scale sculptures to product design and toy-making.

This is one of KAWS’s unique pieces of art. The ten pieces of art each measure 35 × 23” in (35 X 23 Inches Each) pieces of wove papers. The No Reply screen print was created in 2015, and it is characterized by vibrant colors that capture the eyes of the audience. KAWS is known for his collection of works that transcends beyond the world of art and design. He has created works such as graffiti, and other forms of street art. In the No Reply screen print, KAWS demonstrates his creativity by developing another unconventional art, with a unique vocabulary. One thing he is also known for is his emphasis on color and line, an aspect that is dominant in the stated artwork. Another of his characteristics is his hybridization of cartoon characters, especially considering the fact that he was an animator at the famous Disney studios before he ventured into art in 1997.
Every aspect of this artwork makes it a great investment. The color coordination and line enhancements in each of the ten pieces are outstanding. The emphasis on color is aimed at captivating the audience, and having one of these seems to brighten the face of the audience, especially with its appealing coloration. The artist’s incorporation of form and color is thoughtful and sophisticated and thus making it one of the most preferred investment ones can make. It is apparent that this is a highly sought after artist, and this is largely due to his creativity. Considering these attributes of the artist and the artwork, then it is advisable to purchase such works.