Gang (Sofa) – Kaws

KAWS and Estudio Compana
Artist: KAWS
Title: Gang (Sofa)
Year: 2019
Medium: Plush toys, bronze
Dimensions: 37 X 67 X 40″ in (94 x 170 x 102 cm)
Edition of 8

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KAWS is a diverse artist taking over the world of art and design in his prolific body of work that ranges from paintings, murals, and large-scale sculptures to product design and toy-making.

Gang (Sofa) is an artwork collaborating with the works of KAWS and the Brazilian artist, Estudio Campana. The work was created in 2019 and comprises KAWS signature plush toys which are remodeled from the Disney cartoons. It demonstrates his fascination with the cartoons, especially those inspired by Mickey Mouse. The collaboration saw the creation of a sofa, with other materials such as cumaru wood and stainless steel. As a common characteristic of his artwork, there is a playful and skillful intricacy incorporated in the 36 x 52 x 41 inches of artwork. It is also sophisticated and draws its inspiration from animation and pop culture, and thus the incorporation of plush toys. A dominant aspect presented on the sofa and a combination of the two artist’s techniques incorporates re-invention and transformation through design. It is arguable that the sofa design is unique, especially with its incorporation of plush dolls, created from KAWS inspiration of Disney toons. The heap of dolls arranged serves as a cushion for the chair, and thus providing comfort.

What makes this piece of art worth investing in?

Well, in the first place, this is a unique piece of art, which not only focuses on comfort but also a transformative and futuristic design for furniture. Purchasing this painting would be a great achievement in the sense that you are buying a unique piece and a great work of art. It is exceptional as it is made by two revolutionary artists, whose boundaries to creativity are unlimited. It is for these reasons that making an investment would be great.