THE SHIELD – Andy Warhol

Artist: Andy Warhol
Year: 1986
Medium: Screenprint on Lenox Museum Board
Size: 36 × 36 in (91.4 × 91.4 cm)
Edition of 250


Andy Warhol is best known for helping to cultivate the pop art movement, giving it a grounding in celebrity and mass consumer culture throughout the 1960s and 70s.

The Shield is Andy Warhol’s painting was created in 1986, just a year before his death. The painting is part of Warhol’s feature of American history through the Cowboys and Indian theme. In this series, Warhol focused on representing important American images and icons in a bid to represent American history through art.

The Shield is a representation of a traditional shield that was used by the natives. The shields were used during the war and were made using hyde and decorated using feathers. The painting demonstrates a crude painting of animals, probably cattle, which represents the activities of the Native American communities in the past. The two animals face each other as if to converge at a central point. From another perspective, they seem to be fighting. Warhol also incorporates some artistic patterns painted in brown and golden. The incorporation of these patterns is representative of a majority of the Native American artwork.

Why should anyone consider The Shield a good investment? Well, if you are an enthusiast of history, or wish to learn more about American history, then The Shield is a representation of the Native American history. As demonstrated in the artwork, the patterns and the figures represented are characteristic of the Native communities and their practices during the early years of America. The Shield is important as it brings back the ancient to life; moreover, we are able to learn more about what constituted the American cultures and other traditional aspects. In essence, the painting is a representation of American history, thus making it an important artwork.

To this day, Warhol remains one of the most influential and controversial artists of all time, and his original pieces remain to be sought after by collectors around the world. Explore the Andy Warhol artwork we have for sale at ArtLife.