Howdy Doody – Andy Warhol

Title: Howdy Doody
Year: 1981
Medium: Screen print
Size: 38 X 38″ in
Edition of 200
Additional Information: Signed & Numbered


Andy Warhol is best known for helping to cultivate the pop art movement, giving it a grounding in celebrity and mass consumer culture throughout the 1960s and 70s. He is widely remembered for his vibrant portraits of Marilyn Monroe, his iconic Campbell’s Soup Can paintings, and the notorious parties he hosted at Studio 54, attended by socialites and celebrities including Bianca Jagger and Edie Sedgwick.

Howdy Doody is one of Andy Warhol’s 1981 screenprint. The artwork measures 38″ by 38″ and it is created from a Lenox Museum Board. This is a masterpiece and a highly sought after screenprint ever created by Warhol. It is one of the ten screenprints Warhol created in 1981, and among them, it is the most renowned. Contrary to most of his screenprints, this is a cartoon-like figure, but it was created from an original picture of Howdy Doody. As earlier demonstrated, Andy Warhol was fascinated by anything about fame and glamour, and Howdy Doody is one of his series of screenprints under the Myth theme, and all of these screenprints represent the 1950s television or Hollywood stars. Every one of these artworks is created to represent Warhol’s personality. This is one of his works, which he tries to make as intricate as possible.

The fact that the art is presented in a cartoon-like form, it appeals more to children. This was one of his objectives, and in a way, represents the most captivating and interesting part of America’s history. This is a great investment, which everyone should seek. It does not only incorporate America’s history but focuses on the famous characters in television and Hollywood during the 1950s and beyond. What makes it important is the fact that it goes back in time, and reveals to the audience where the American entertainment industry has evolved from. One can learn about the early stars, such as Howdy Doody and many others through such works, and therefore, a good investment.

To this day, Warhol remains one of the most influential and controversial artists of all time, and his original pieces remain to be sought after by collectors around the world. Explore the Andy Warhol artwork we have for sale at ArtLife.