Two Year Old’s Art Selling For Over $1000

A two-year old has already made her mark in the New York City art scene.

Lola June was discovered by one of her mother’s friends who then showed the work to the owner of the Chashama Gallery in NYC. Chashama Gallery featured Lola’s first exhibition called “Hope.”

The curator of the exhibit, Pajtim Osmanaj explained that the art shows how art can be pure and simple. Seeing a young child’s art should evoke feelings to people that experience is irrelevant when it comes to creating art.

The excitement surrounding the work has seen many people, including celebrities buy it. Some works have sold for $1500.

“Lola is good. She is good for a two-year-old,” said her mother Lucille Javier when asked if Lola was actually talented or just good for her age.