Artists In Germany Innovate With Drive-through Gallery

With social distancing regulations still in place to prevent further spread of the Covid-19, artists in Cologne and Bonn, Germany have taken it upon themselves to find an innovative way to exhibit works.

Around 300 works of art by 50 artists are on display at a drive-through car park gallery in Cologne’s Bonn airport. These works include sculptures, paintings and a sound and light show to guide visitors through the pieces which have been mounted on airport luggage trolleys.

Visitors embraced the experience, describing it as “unusual” and “completely different.”

After a six-week lockdown, Germany recently reopened its museums and galleries, but face masks are compulsory and physical distancing rules must be observed.

More and more people are turning to drive-throughs to adhere to social distancing guidelines. We first saw drive-through testing for Covid-19 and now drive-through movie theatres have become increasingly popular and more surprisingly strip clubs.