Art Exhibitions To Catch In 2019

Couldn’t catch any art exhibitions this year? Don’t worry. 2019 will have plenty of awesome museum exhibitions from London to Los Angeles. You should consider making a trip.

Tintoretto: Artist of Renaissance Venice

Showcasing never before seen paintings and drawings in the U.S. by Jacopo Tintoretto, a Venice born painter from the 16th century.

Oscar Rejlander: Artist Photographer

Exhibiting 150 works from Oscar Rejalnader (1813-1875) from an era where photography was just an operation and not considered an art.  Will include a masterpiece known as The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals (1872) which was printed by collaging 30 negatives.

Early Rubens

Featuring some of Peter Paul Rubens’ greatest works (1609-1621) including some of his notable large-scale, life-size paintings, which have been borrowed from institutions across Europe and the U.S.

Garry Winogrand: Color

A first ever exhibition of Garry Winogrand’s (1928-1984) more than 450 color photographs. Winogrand gain famed for taking taking black and white photographs of midcentury New York.

The Venice Biennale’s 58th International Art Exhibition

A bi-annual event held in Venice that features prestigious contemporary art from dozens of countries. It will feature a colossal exhibition curated by the director of London’s Hayward Gallery, Ralph Rugoff.

Manet And Modern Beauty

Featuring works of one of the greatest portraitists of the 19th century, Edouard Manet. It will include Olympia, considered his masterpiece, and letters he sent to friends with illustrations.

Women Artists In The Nationalgalerie Before 1918

The exhibition will showcase work exhibited in the Nationalgalerie before 1918 of star women artists including Käthe Kollwitz’s.

Nam June Paik: The Future Is Now

Will exhibit art from Nam June Paik, who is considered the founder of video art. Although the art is half a century old and weird, it will surprise visitors how modern it can actually be.

Sofonisba Anguissola And Lavinia Fontana: Two Models Of The Female Artist

Featuring 16th-17th century art of famous Italian-born female artists Sofonisba Anguissola and Lavinia Fontana.

Lincoln Kirstein’s Modern

Lincoln Kirstein, born in 1907, was a curator, collector, writer and co-founder of the New York City Ballet. His more than 200 works from MoMa’s collection, along with other works that were dear to him and acquired by him will be exhibited.