Gregory Siff Illustrates for Wexler’s Deli Palm Springs

LA-based artist Gregory Siff put his touch on the new Palm Springs location of acclaimed eatery Wexler’s, which opened at the Arrive hotel this October.

Wexler’s Deli owners Mike Kassar and Micah Wexler enlisted the artistic help of Siff to create a signature mural for their new poolside location. The standout black and white mural boasts signature Jewish deli items, such as Wexler’s OG pastrami and mustard on rye sandwich and the playful Seinfeld-inspired Big Salad.

Siff isn’t a stranger to collaborating with restaurants; he designed Wexler’s logo featuring a fish smoking a cigar to accompany their slogan, “Smoke fish everyday.” He is a more than suitable choice to design for the popular LA deli, as Siff’s career has made an indelible impression on the Los Angeles art world. His illustrations are unmistakable upon entering the eatery’s poolside location; black and white drawings sprawled across the clean white deli countertops and adorn modern walls housing sleek landscaped trees.

Siff’s artwork is sure to grab attention this summer in Palm Springs when patrons swing by to bite into their next OG at Wexler’s.