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Beyond the Characters - Curated by 404 Art Collection

RYOL and Jun Oson

10.14.2022 — 11.11.2022

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There's a fine line between what an image can transmit at first glance, but behind each layer we find messages and references that make us think beyond what meets the eye. If we deconstruct the pop culture of today and the nostalgic references imprinted in our memories from childhood, we can find a world full of diversity with a transformation of cultures and ironic humor; as if we were viewing our world from a distant planet. Through the characters represented in each of the artist's works, we submerge ourselves in their universes; opening a proverbial door that connects us to and helps us peel back the layers, reaching the essence and messages disguised in their works. At first glance, Ryol catches our gaze with his signature large doe-like eyes of his work and later transports us to the essence of his work; a critique open to interpretation into traditional patriarchal society, social behaviors, and the culture of consumerism. Jun Oson, connecting with our inner child, through paintings of monsters, robots and people of different skin colors; a representation of a diverse and inclusive society. The contraposition of Ryol and Jun Oson works is one that aligns, at first glance their work may seem different, but once we connect with their true essence, we realize that they have far much more in common and that with their work they aim to shake societal views and create a diverse and inclusive society.


Ryo Laksamana aka Ryol, was born in 1993 in Banyuwangi, Indonesia and is currently based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He graduated from the prestigious Institut Seni Indonesia in Yogyakarta.

The influence and inspiration for his artwork comes from pop culture, specifically the music and cartoons he watched on his Sundays growing up. These childhood rituals unconsciously broadened his imagination, providing him inspiration and freedom to explore his nostalgic past, with the ultimate goal of being remembered as one of the great artists of his time.

His work has been exhibited in his solo show, “Ready Known” in Los Angeles (2022), “Loose” in Taipei, Taiwan (2022), Art Jakarta in Indonesia (2022), “From a letter of my own destiny” in France (2021), among others.

Jun Oson

Jun Oson, was born in 1979 in Aichi, Japan and graduated from Aichi Sangyo University Design Department, starting his career as an illustrator in 2005.

His artworks have a stateless style, based on the influence of manga and animations with elements from western artists, specializing in pop designs that utilize vibrant colors combined with quintessential Japanese anime techniques.

In addition to figures of various skin tones and a fundamental focus on the value of diversity, monsters and robots appear throughout his work, often playful and comical, highlighting an electric cast of humanoid creatures that are inspired by 70’s and 80’s pop culture cartoons.

His solo exhibitions include, Solo exhibition "Stare" in Tokyo (2022), “Just Looking" in London (2022), Solo exhibition "Back to the future x Jun Oson” in Tokyo (2021), Solo exhibition "Distance" in Tokyo (2020), among others.