Selling your artwork can be a daunting task. ArtLife strives to help our valued clientele sell their art in the most professional and accommodating way. We seek out the highest expertise in the art world to collect rare and renowned pieces of art from around the globe. If you are interested in consigning or selling your treasured authentic pieces of art that fit our roster, we invite you to submit to us.



Knowing the value of artwork is important, which is why it is imperative to have an understanding of the fair market value of a piece. The price of an art piece often fluctuates due to supply and demand. Oftentimes gallery prices do not reflect the fair market value of an artwork. This is due to the extensive contact and clientele lists galleries accumulate over time, which dictates the price they are able to sell a piece of art for.

Blue chip artworks reference art pieces of significant value with expectations to hold or increase value over time. Blue chip value of artwork is confirmed by auction results. Renowned auction houses reach thousands of clients and thus the price a piece of blue chip art goes for at auction will determine its fair market value. ArtLife will provide you with a complimentary estimate for pieces we deem suitable for sale.




Selling artwork through an auction may appeal to some but does not always guarantee consignors the most desired results. Auction houses determine the items selling price during the sale (known as a “hammer price”), plus a 25% “buyer’s premium.” This means that if a piece of art sells at auction for $100,000, the consignor receives $75,000. Auction houses will also charge consigners a 10% commission fee on top of the buyer’s premium, as well as an additional percentage to cover insurance and marketing. Overall, consignors selling through an auction house should expect to take home roughly 60% of the sale.

Another drawback to selling through auction is the length of time it takes for an artwork to sell and for funds to be collected. This can often take several months. If you are looking for an immediate sale of your artwork, choosing to use an auction house to sell is not often the most ideal choice.




ArtLife Gallery is always looking to buy and consign meaningful works of art. Our specialists will recommend an estimate range and a reserve (minimum) price for your works. If you are looking to sell art in through our easy, seamless process, please complete our consignment form below and one of our representatives with be in touch with you. For general questions, please email [email protected].


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