Andy Warhol



Screen print

36 x 36 in (91.44 x 91.44 cm)

Crafted in 1967, this color screenprint on paper bears the hand-signed signature of Andy Warhol on the reverse side. It is numbered from an edition of 250, with a rubber stamp indicating its authenticity on the reverse. Additionally, there are 26 artist proofs lettered A-Z on the verso.

Andy Warhol's 1967 artwork, "Marilyn Monroe FS.II 30" is an extraordinary testament to the brilliance of the pop art movement and the artist himself. The composition showcases a mesmerizing interplay of vibrant colors, including rich hot pink, deep turquoise, refreshing mint, and forest green, in a large screenprint format that magnifies the allure of the legendary Marilyn Monroe. By featuring Marilyn as the focal point and Warhol as the creative force, this piece becomes a powerful symbol, embodying both a cultural icon and an artistic visionary, encapsulating the essence of the American art scene during the transformative era of the 1960s and 70s.

Warhol's portrayal of Marilyn has attained iconic status, serving as the quintessential and unforgettable representation of the tragic starlet. The artist's use of flashy, hyper-coloring techniques captures the captivating allure of Marilyn's public persona as a seductive Hollywood luminary. Simultaneously, the distorted colors seem to mirror the inner turmoil and challenges that plagued her personal life. Although the portrait's coloration deviates from realism, it is precisely this bold artistic choice that imbues the image with humanity and depth. Warhol's fascination with Monroe shines through in this striking depiction, allowing her iconic beauty to endure through his art.

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