Andy Warhol




26 × 19 in (66.04 x 48.26 cm)

Edition: 100


Andy Warhol’s Love series was created as part of his Love series in 1983. The series includes three screenprints on Rives BFK paper. These prints use contrasting purple and yellow outlines to give depth to the feminine figure in the background photograph, presenting her standing out from the male figure posing with her, as if she is somehow in the foreground. Warhol highlights the sensuality of the photo through the attention to the figure leaning forward, drawing attention and detail to her chest that is not as evident in the overexposed background.

In 1983, Andy Warhol created his Love series. The Love series is a portfolio of three screen-prints on Rives BFK paper which were termed as Andy Warhol’s love complete portfolio. Each screen print depicts a nude couple embracing one another in a different position. The sequence of images seemingly implies a narrative, as if each image represents a different movement leading up to sexual intercourse. While the images are characterized by passion, lust and sexuality, they are not as much pornographic as they are romantic. There are explicit sexual acts depicted nor is an emphasis of naked sexual parts, as there is in Warhol’s 1978 Sex Parts series, which includes prints focalizing on sexual acts and male sex organs. His naming of this collection of prints as his Love series and his depiction of the couple’s full bodies rather than their body parts, also imply deeper meaning beyond sexual intercourse.

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