Andy Warhol



Screen Print

35 x 23 Inches (89 x 58.4 Cm)

Edition of 250
Signed and numbered by the artist

Campbell’s Soup Cans I: Tomato 46 by Andy Warhol is a print from his 1968 Campbell’s Soup Cans I portfolio. The famous series exhibits Warhol’s ability to break the mold of his time and champion the Pop Art movement. After painting 32 Campbell’s Soup Cans in 1962, Warhol returned to the soup can concept to screen print the images.

Using this technique, he was able to achieve an even closer replication of the actual Campbell’s product. The design is simple and bold and uses a small range of colors to create a pleasant contrast. Out of all the different soup flavors Warhol created, the tomato flavor is perhaps the most famous. This portfolio, as well as Campbell’s Soup Cans II contains some of Warhol’s most valuable screen prints.

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