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Tony KellyBorn in Dublin in 1975, the Irish artist Tony Kelly began his career capturing celebrity culture, honing in on the fast and luxurious lifestyle of popular culture. He is known for his signature photographs oozing vibrant colors and using provocative scenarios to brazenly photograph how the wealthy play.

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Kelly began his career as a photojournalist working for the Independent NewspaperGroup covering conflict such as the civil war in Rwanda and the war in Afghanistan.After eight years, he turned the direction of his career towards the fashion industry.

The vibrancy of space, open air and vibrant colors serves as the beating stimulus ofKelly’s work. His photographs brazenly capture the over-the-top, ostentatious nature of celebrity culture while offering a darkly humorous commentary on society’s viewpoint of stardom and riches.

Vitality, beauty, sex, prurience, money, relationships and ecstasy are all key elements to Tony Kelly’s work. His ability to think big and execute ideas for shoots, propels his subjects to step out of their comfort zone, and allows him to capture spontaneous moments.

Kelly’s sets are known to be extravagant, and his photographs famously alive and exuberant. His photography offers a juicy story behind each moment, waiting to be devoured by the viewer. His contemporary vision fits in seamlessly with like publications and higher end galleries that display his work.

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