Guided By Angels – Joseph Klibansky

Over The Rainbow – Joseph Klibansky

At Least we will both be beautiful – Joseph Klibansky

About Joseph Klibansky

Working in a playful style, seemingly unbound by the confines of traditional media, Joseph Klibansky’s sculptures and mixed media work is incomparable. His production quality is uniformly high — thanks, in part, to having his own bronze foundry within his studio. Klibansky’s mixed media paintings and sculptures often focus on an uncommon notion to the art world: that looks can be deceiving. Explore the Joseph Klibansky art for sale at ArtLife, and discover more about his life and work.

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Guided By Angels – Joseph Klibansky

Over The Rainbow – Joseph Klibansky

At Least we will both be beautiful – Joseph Klibansky

Caught up in a dream (Black/White, unique pink splash) – Joseph Klibansky

Caught up in a dream (Gold/black, unique pink splash) – Joseph Klibansky

Strawberry/Blueberry Bare Hug – Joseph Klibansky

Purple/Vanilla Bare Hug – Joseph Klibansky

Turquoise/ Pina Colada Bare Hug – Joseph Klibansky

Cobalt/Lemon Bare Hug – Joseph Klibansky

Strawberry/ Chocolate Bare Hug – Joseph Klibansky

She Came To Break Hearts Gold/Black/Ultramarine splash – Joseph Klibansky

She Came To Break Hearts Pink / Black / Gold splash – Joseph Klibansky

Chemistry of Life – Joseph Klibansky

Leap of Faith polished bronze – Joseph Klibansky

Big Bang Silkscreen – Joseph Klibansky

Bare Hug Silkscreen – Joseph Klibansky

I Love Her Anyway Yellow / Black – Joseph Klibansky

Joseph Klibansky was born in Cape Town in 1984. Growing up in South Africa offered him a supportive environment to pursue his creative endeavours, and his parents were particularly encouraging of his talents. He took a keen interest in making art on computers as he entered his teens, as the internet offered him access to the rest of the world, including a range of imagery he would have otherwise not have seen. Klibansky made use of photo-manipulation software in his early years, combining a range of digital photographs with his own painting techniques to develop his signature style.

Despite this keen interest in the art world, he decided to enrol in business school after moving to the Netherlands. However, once he graduated, Klibansky used the insight he gained during this time as an invaluable basis for navigating the art market as a creator himself. The first major Klibansky work which went up for auction was “Heavy Traffic”, which sold for $6,000 in 2008. Only three years later, in which time Klibansky had been exhibited across Europe, another of his paintings was sold at Sotheby’s Amsterdam, fetching $40,000.

Klibansky’s work is extremely labour-intensive, and his larger-scale pieces can often comprise up to 600 separate digital images, which are mixed and manipulated into an entirely new style. Artworks like “Your body is like a work of art baby” and the “Paris by night” paintings in his New Urban Wonderland series take a great deal of time to assemble. The artist has been known to spend some 150 hours on a single work, not finishing until the cityscape on the canvas matches the one in his head.


Whether through his larger works on canvas, or the bronze sculptures he creates in his own foundry such as “Leap of Faith”, Klibansky’s art is designed to make you think. The artist himself has said that the most important thing he hopes his work will impress upon people is the idea of “stopping power — people literally stop[ping] what they’re doing when they see my work, tak[ing] it in quietly, and hopefully com[ing] up with their own story.”

The artist’s inspirations come from all forms of culture, and his radar is always up, waiting for a new image to strike him. “When I am not sleeping,” he told one journalist, “I am thinking about art.” Klibansky’s layered digital collages, such as “At least we will both be beautiful” and “Caught up in a dream”, condense different time periods, locations and stories into dense, challenging landscapes that are never less than eye-catching.

His recent move into bronze sculptures, with accompanying silkscreen prints for works such as “Big Hug” and “Big Bang”, continue this practice, albeit with a far more figurative approach. Recognisable images are adorned with unlikely accoutrements — a gorilla head in a party hat — giving viewers pause to appreciate the absurdist juxtapositions between the base figure and how they are decorated.


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